Submitting data for review

Once the metadata has been entered and all files have been attached to the dataset, ensure that it has been saved. The newly created dataset has a “Draft” and “Unpublished” status, and you will receive a notification under the “Notifications” tab along with an email message.

view of notifications on depositor's account

If the metadata entered is sufficient and can be made available, submit your dataset for verification – “Submit for review”.

Once a dataset has been submitted for review, you will not be able to edit your data any more: two buttons “Submitted for review” and “Edit dataset” are disabled. The newly created dataset will have the status “In review” and will go to Data Steward, who will verify all entered data for completeness and correctness. The verification process consists of checking the accuracy of metadata and files. In case of any doubt, Data Steward will contact you. Once a collection has been published, the individual DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number will be active, and it is no longer possible to make further changes. Exceptionally, it is possible to create further numbered versions of the dataset based on an existing, already published one.

Please note

As a Depositor, you take full responsibility for the research data posted and for any infringement of third-party property and copyright and rights related.

Once a dataset has been submitted for verification, its status can only be verified in your account.

Please note

As long as the dataset remains a “Draft”, you have the possibility of its correcting, adding or removing attachments as well as deleting the entire dataset.

If the Data Steward responsible for verifying the uploaded dataset has no questions and the entered data is correct, the dataset will be published, and you will receive a notification under the “Notifications” tab and by email.

Once a dataset is published, the assigned DOI number will be activated and the data can no longer be deleted. In special cases, however, it is possible to create another numbered version of this collection based on the published one.

Please note

When an already published research dataset is edited, its “copy” is created, visible in the Repository as a “Draft” next to the original version.

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