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In the “Files” section, using the “Select files to add” button, you can attach selected files (including the readme.txt file) to the dataset. You can upload a single file up to 4 GB.  Bigger file(s) upload requires an API token, which can be generated within the user account by selecting API Token and then Create Token (it is valid for one year) and link to the script, which is available on GitHub. Please contact the RODBUK administrator before depositing bigger file(s).

Please note

When using data compression and archiving software, we recommend ZIP or 7-Zip, which have an open architecture and are publicly available.
According to the guidelines of scientific funding bodies, research data should be saved in open formats (e.g. OpenDocument, PNG, FLAC, WebM, HTML, CSS) widely available and free of charge with one exception when the files conversion from specialised software to an open source may affect the data quality. In such cases, the data accompanying README file should describe the software to open files with.
The dataset should also be completed by documentation containing all the information necessary to understand and properly interpret the data provided. It is good practice to include an additional README.txt file in the dataset, containing basic information about the data provided.

You can enter a separate description for each added file, add tags (as per categories e.g. documentation, code, data and tabular data e.g. geospatial, network) and/or restrict access to them.

Please note

As a Depositor, you decide about any restrictions to individual files. It is also upon you to answer/verify a person requesting access to the restricted file(s).

Datasets can be embargoed. For this purpose, you need to set up the date from which files in the dataset become available. As soon as such dataset is published, its metadata shall be available to the public. Embargo is only possible for those datasets which do not have a published version. The maximum embargo period in RODBUK is 36 months.

Please note

It is not possible to remove an embargo file before the specified time limit.

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