Data security and long-term data preservation in RODBUK

RODBUK ensures long-term archiving of deposited data on the Cyfronet AGH servers. Files are automatically backed up in real time as soon as the user enters them into RODBUK, and metadata copies are made once a day. The backups are stored in different locations. 


As a security precaution, each new RODBUK user is verified by the Central Data Authentication System of the relevant university. The procedure is carried out using the OIDC (OpenID Connect) or SAML2 protocols. Each time you log in, a login (email address) and an authentication password (given at the first login) are required.

Information availability

All research data files have Dublin Core compliant metadata attached. Attached files should be saved in open formats.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

A DOI number is assigned to each deposited dataset. Activation of the DOI number occurs after verification of the deposited data by a Data Steward, when the first version of the dataset is published.


For each dataset, you need to choose a licence from the list available in RODBUK. Files can be made available open or the access can be restricted (embargo, release on demand).

In case of required access to restricted files, it is necessary to contact the person who deposited data, e.g. using the “Contact the owner” form. It can be found next to the dataset description.

Metadata verification

Data shall be archived and made available in the form provided to the Repository by you (the Depositor). The Data Steward of a given collection may request corrections or additions to the dataset before it is published, and, in case of minor and obvious mistakes (e.g. typos) make the necessary corrections himself.

Data lifespan

Data deposited in RODBUK are not liable to be withdrawn by the authors. In special cases (e.g. third-party copyright infringement + plagiarism) the data will be transferred to a restricted archive.

Long-term archiving

All documents stored in RODBUK are archived and shared indefinitely, subject to data security rules. In the event of withdrawing of one institution from the RODBUK initiative, it may transfer all its data to another repository. In the unlikely event of RODBUK shutdown, the co-founders will undertake efforts to transfer the data to another repository with the continuity of functioning of the assigned DOI numbers.

Those, who have deposited their research data with RODBUK, will be informed by an official announcement.

Availability over time

Cyfronet AGH is committed to provide a guaranteed 99% availability time for RODBUK.

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